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ProCom to launch new controller at EMO event

ProCom is planning to officially launch its new CNC machine controller at the forthcoming EMO event, scheduled to be held from September 16th to 21st, 2019, in Hannover, Germany.

ProCom says the CNC300PRO is its most powerful controller in the CNC300 product range, an is designed for maximum speed and precise laser cutting.

The new, ultra-modern IPC can be scaled as needed in terms of memory and processor performance, offering the best possible configuration for any application.

The associated CNC software “ergoCNC” was also improved. This software supports flying cuts, among other things, for which the laser is switched with microsecond response time during movements.

The fast-cut mode and ping-pong positioning also offer significant time savings thanks to optimized tool paths. To achieve the highest cutting quality, the distance to the workpiece is dynamically adapted by adjusting the height in real-time.

Other technological features, such as tool radius correction or 5-stage puncturing strategies, offer precise results.

Due to its ergonomically designed touch interface and task-oriented screens, ergoCNC can also be conveniently operated by machine operators without extensive prior experience.

The ergoCAM software is the perfect addition for optimizing cutting programs to achieve higher cutting quality, more throughput, or better material utilization.

The CNC300PRO controller is also ready for the Clouver Industry 4.0 application from ProCom.

This solution links production and business operations and provides management, factory managers, and machine operators with information that can assist in uncovering hidden costs or minimize downtime.

ProCom will be in hall 9, booth F32 in the Industry 4.0 area.