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Stäubli charging system installed for electric vehicles at Long Beach port

Stäubli’s Quick Charging Connector (QCC), a rapid charging system for the automatic charging of electric vehicles, have been incorporated in high powers chargers installed by Tritium at the Port of Long Beach, California, USA.

SSA Marine, which manages the terminal at the Port of Long Beach, is transforming 33 diesel-powered tractors by retrofitting them with all-electric drivetrain systems.

Tritium, an Australian company that designs and manufactures fast-charging solutions for electric vehicles, will install its Veefil High Power Chargers (HPCs), type PK 175kW DC to power SSA Marine’s fleet of terminal tractors.

Stäubli’s QCC system features an enclosed pin-and-socket design that is self-cleaning, touch-protected on both sides of the connector and easily corrects for misalignment.

It will enable the automatic connection of Tritium’s chargers to the electric receptacle that has been retrofitted on each port vehicle, creating a zero-touch charging experience for terminal tractor operators.

The rollout of both the vehicles and chargers at the Port of Long Beach will bring a zero-emissions environment to the port, enabling a cleaner air environment by eliminating diesel fuel and reducing noise pollution.

The project with SSA Marine is part of the $50 million Port of Long Beach grant obtained from the California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) ZANZEFF program: Zero and Near Zero Emission Freight Facility. ZANZEFF funds transformative emissions reduction strategies at freight facilities throughout the state.

The project is part of California Climate Investments, a statewide initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.