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Hanwha Robotics and Wipro team up on Indian cobot market 

Hanwha Precision Machinery’s Robot Business Division has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Wipro Infrastructure Engineering (WIN) to establish a local sales and operations office in India.

The partnership combines the core competencies between the two companies: Hanwha’s cobot manufacturing and development capabilities and WIN’s Automation Solutions business and broad sales network in India.

Through this partnership, Hanwha Robotics will be able to sell its factory automation cobots to WIN’s customer base through its sales network.

WIN is one of two main businesses of Wipro Enterprises (P) Limited. WIN was established over 40 years ago in hydraulics and has since then expanded into Aerospace, Additive Manufacturing, Automotive Solutions, and Water Treatment.

Wipro’s IT outsourcing service business is one of the world’s Top 3 in IT outsourcing with more than 170,000 employees worldwide.

The MOU between Hanwha Robotics and WIN marks the first time a Korean cobot company has partnered with an Indian company to form a mutually beneficial partnership where both parties work together to create new markets and opportunities.

In March of 2017, Hanwha Robotics launched Korea’s first cobot: the HCR-5. Soon after, the HCR-3 and HCR-12 were added to extend the product line of cobots.

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