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Attabotics raises $25 million to ‘transform supply chains’

Attabotics, a robotics company specialising in supply chain technology, has raised $25 million in Series B funding from financial and strategic investors.

Participants in the round included Coatue, Comcast Ventures, and Honeywell alongside returning early investors Forerunner Ventures and Werklund Growth Fund.

The new funding will go toward supporting Attabotics’ continued, explosive growth, including new hires, scaling manufacturing operations, the development of new technologies, and more. Attabotics has raised $32.7 million in funding to date.

Attabotics brings scale and efficiency to its customers’ supply chains. Inspired by the structure and productivity of ant colonies, Attabotics condenses the endless rows and aisles of typical fulfillment warehouses into a single, vertical storage structure.

Inside the structure, a fleet of robotic shuttles move in three-dimensional space (horizontally and vertically, along the X, Y, and Z axes) to store and deliver goods to people at the perimeter that pick, pack and ship modern commerce orders.

Attabotics’ all-in-one supply chain system can reduce a retailer’s required warehouse needs by 85% (saving money on real estate costs), and accelerate shipping processes to meet consumers’ expectations.

This reduction in space requirements also allows retailers to place warehouses closer to cities for faster delivery times and leverage existing back-of-house capacity to create mini-fulfillment structures.

Scott Gravelle, Attabotics founder, CEO and CTO, says: “We applied the three-dimensional structure of ant colonies into a fulfillment system, built for modern commerce, that is flexible, scalable, and accelerates the shipping and delivery process.

“Commerce is at a crossroads, and in order for retailers and brands of all types and sizes to thrive, they need to adapt and take advantage of new technologies to effectively meet consumers’ growing demands.”

Eurie Kim, general partner at Forerunner Ventures, says: “Supply chain efficiency, particularly relative to improving fulfillment speed and capabilities, is a critical – costly – strategic issue for brands and retailers to address as they struggle to meet the pressures of today’s competitive consumer environment while staying profitable.

“Attabotics provides retailers of all sizes with an innovative back-end system that not only enables them to meet the ever-increasing bar for faster delivery, but also allows them to manage vast inventory assortment and seamless returns, all while allowing the business to focus on its most important job – delighting customers.”

Murray Grainger, managing director of Honeywell Ventures, says: “E-commerce is driving continued growth opportunities for advanced automation and robotics in the warehouse sector.

“Honeywell continues to make strategic investments in this space and we are excited to partner with Attabotics, who are developing innovative technologies to improve order fulfillment and enhance supply chain operations.”

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