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Genesis and Demaurex to develop ‘next generation’ robotic systems

Demaurex, a Swiss robotics company and pioneer of high speed pick and place robotics, and Genesis Robotics and Motion Technologies, an innovative start-up robotics company, have signed a joint development agreement to integrate Genesis Robotics’ revolutionary LiveDrive Direct-Drive Motors into Demaurex’s latest generation “delta robot systems”.

The JDA was signed at an exclusive signing ceremony at the Lausanne headquarters of Demaurex to begin what both companies hail as a milestone in the development of advanced robotics.

Demaurex engineered and industrialized the original Delta robot in 1988, based on a patent of Prof Reymond Clavel of the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, introducing high speed, vision guided product pick and place systems to the robotics market for the first time.

Demaurex and Genesis Robotics’ collaboration to develop this latest generation system represents a significant leap forward in the field of parallel kinematics, as two powerful technologies combine for the first time.

Frank Souyris, general manager at Demaurex, says: “Demaurex’s Delta Robotic machines and systems have been the class leader for many years, and with the incorporation of LiveDrive Direct-Drive Motors we will continue to hold that position well into the future.

The Genesis LiveDrive on the left, and a traditional equivalent component on the right

“The LiveDrive technology offers new levels of simplicity and ease of use, eliminating the need for costly, bulky and unhygienic gearboxes all in a much smaller envelope. This will result in reducing the total cost of ownership and promoting ease of use for our customers.”

Genesis Robotics’ revolutionary LiveDrive Direct Drive Motor improves performance, reduces maintenance and increases uptime. This level of speed, torque and precision has never been available in a such a compact device with such simplicity.

James Klassen, inventor of LiveDrive, says: “This collaboration between Demaurex is significant for Genesis because it demonstrates that the power density of the LiveDrive motor can redefine the Delta Robot, taking it to a level that has never been seen before in practical application.

“The platform itself is what the industry has been waiting for: a high torque actuator that delivers three times higher torque density, high peak torque capacity, and the highest levels of precision.

“Taking advantage of three foundational discoveries – Magnetic Amplification, Advanced Structural Magnetic Architecture, and unparalleled Heat Dissipation – the LiveDrive Direct-Drive motor provides manufacturers with the ability to design simpler, faster and more precise robots and machines.”

Chris Di Lello, CEO of Genesis Robotics and Motion Technologies, says: “We are honoured to work with Demaurex SA as we believe that this collaboration demonstrates the powerful outcome that can be achieved when two companies with shared values, an intense desire to improve on the status-quo, and a deep respect for each other work together in true partnership.”

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