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White paper: Preparing Your Warehouse for Robots

In this white paper, Preparing Your Warehouse for Robots, produced in association with Geek Plus Robotics, we look at the types of robotics and automation technologies available to warehouse managers and how they can prepare for the implementation of these technologies.

We can provide a brief answer right now to one of the first questions that many people ask about buying robots and increasing the level of automation in their warehouse: “Is it expensive?”

And that answer is, as ever, “It depends.”

It depends on the size your warehouse and what your level of throughput is. Simply put, the larger your operation, the more it makes sense to install robotics and automation.

For smaller operations, expensive automation technology might not have made sense in the past. But an innovative business model called “robotics-as-a-service”, or RaaS, is enabling smaller warehouses to introduce these new technologies in an incremental fashion.

Rather than have to find the funds to finance the upfront cost of robotics and automation, RaaS means that warehouse managers can start small and then scale up and adjust according to what their needs and budgets are.

In terms of preparing your warehouse for robotics and automation, RaaS may be more of an accounting issue, but this white paper will also look at other issues that readers will, hopefully, find useful if they are considering increasing the level of automation in their operations.

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