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Osso VR’s training gaining support from medical sector

Osso VR, a provider of a virtual reality surgical training platform, says its technology is being incorporated into surgical training programs worldwide and is now used by more than 20 leading teaching hospitals and eight top medical device companies in 11 countries.

Focused on increasing access to hands-on training that improves patient outcomes and increases the adoption of higher value medical technology, Osso VR provides an immersive, repeatable environment to safely work up the learning curve.

Leading hospitals using Osso VR include Brown University, Vanderbilt University, Hospital for Special Surgery, Marshall University, Newcastle Simulation Centre, The University of Hawaii, UCLA, University of Washington, Wake Forest Baptiste Health, University of Kentucky, University of Utah, and New York University.

These innovative teaching hospitals recognize that traditional surgical training is struggling to keep up with new challenges.

Today’s trainees and practicing surgeons are overwhelmed with the complexity of modern procedures and the accelerating speed at which they are introduced.

Osso VR enables surgeons to practice these procedures on demand and provide objective training data optimize performance and patient outcomes.

For medical device companies looking to train surgeons on new devices, Osso VR’s Collaborative Training solution significantly reduces the need for travel and other resources spent on traditional bioskills labs and demos.

Surgeons can train one-on-one in a virtual environment or as a group without taking time away from their practice. Surgery is a team sport, and Collaborative Training also allows the hospital staff and sales teams to prepare together for a case to ensure every case is well-orchestrated and efficient.

Osso VR has attracted several leading orthopedic medical device companies, such as Smith & Nephew, to leverage the platform to increase training efficiency, safe use, and the adoption of cutting-edge medical technology.

Justin Barad, MD, CEO and co-founder of Osso VR, says: “This technology can drastically change the lives of our patients, and it is critical that we maximize access to the platform. Our continued expansion is a marker of the global nature of these training gaps and the scalability of Osso’s technology.

“Patients today want the most valuable treatment, which often involves new and innovative medical technologies. Surgeons badly want to deliver for their patient, but might lack the tools that allow them to utilize these novel techniques.

“Osso VR augments the surgical team, giving them the proficiency and objective confidence that they can bring significant value to their patients using the highest value devices.”