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Kiwi automation company Aurora shows off its palletizing robot

New Zealand automation company Aurora demonstrates and describes its robotic palletizing system

Palletizing equipment is a critical component of many end-of-line processes. Without the right system in place, inefficiencies and production downtime can harm your bottom line.

One of Aurora’s popular solutions is the Fuji-Ace Robotic Palletizer. Often cited as the most advanced palletizer in the world, it is a high-capacity, energy efficient, easy-to-use machine that is streamlining the processes of packing and manufacturing facilities across the world.

In the words of one satisfied customer, site engineer Kendell Chapman of Seales Window: “The output of the system has improved capabilities over our last system.

“The day-to-day operation of the system is very usable, the maintenance of the system is very low… [others] won’t be let down by the service and performance of the machine.”

Here, we will take a closer look at the palletizer’s unique benefits.

High speed and energy savings achieved simultaneously

The speed and energy efficiency of the Fuji-Ace Palletizer creates a smoother, more stable end-of-line process.

As one of the worlds fastest palletizers, the unit’s speed allows you to move more product with less effort and expenditure, increasing your process capacity and reducing operational costs.

The Fuji-Ace EC-102 Palletizer features power consumption of only 3.5 kW, the lowest energy consumption for a machine of its type in the world.

This is 30 percent less power than palletizers by other major brands, translating to significant energy savings and greater ease in meeting sustainability targets.

The system eliminates labour reliability issues by being able to move and stack pallets on a 24/7 basis, without sacrificing precision.

By achieving both rapid speeds and substantial energy savings, the Fuji-Ace Palletizer can quickly revamp your production line for a higher ROI.

Simple and easily operated

The simplest automated machines can confer the biggest advantage in industry. This is especially true of the Fuji-Ace Palletizer.

The palletizer reduces training requirements by simplicity of design. You can easily upskill your floor staff in operating and maintaining the unit with the simple built-in training system.

By training your employees to be automated equipment operators, they can contribute more value and efficiency to your business, both now and in the future.

Ease of operation is another key benefit. The palletizer comes with an intuitive Human-Machine Interface and a user-friendly teaching pendant for remote control.

Floor staff can rapidly change stack patterns and make other operational adjustments without specialist intervention.

Whether with the onboard touch-screen interface or the teaching pendant, ease of operation means less training for staff, increased uptime, and overall smoother end-of-line process.

Smart systems

The Fuji-Ace Palletizer represents the best of what automation has to offer: it’s an intelligent system, fully programmed for the shortest possible on-ramp to better production.

The palletizer comes with a high degree of know-how already built in, enabling efficiencies such as the automatic calculation of optimum orbits.

The programming software and precision hardware are built in consideration of best practices from a range of industries.

Changes to product type, pallet type, or stack pattern can be made on the fly, making a completely upgraded process possible within seconds. Onboard diagnostics and troubleshooting minimize errors.

For a better, more efficient production line, consider the No. 1 palletizing robot in the world: The Fuji-Ace Robotic Palletizer. This palletizer brings higher speed, lower energy consumption, simplicity, and ‘smart’ technology to a production line.

This translates to an unbeatable advantage – the kind that helps explain the skyrocketing industrial demand for automation.

By acting now, your business can be prepared for a highly competitive future. Upgrading your facilities with the Fuji-Ace Palletizer can result in more efficient labor utilization, the ability to produce more product in less time, and a sharper, more reliable process overall.

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