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Hahn Group strengthens its digital capabilities

Hahn Group has established a new division called Hahn Digital as the center of excellence for digital transformation.

The company says it has a “start-up character”, and is agile, flexible and fast moving to further develop innovation and digital technologies to the benefit of their clients.

Hahn Digital combines the entire digital expertise of all Hahn Group’s subsidiaries in order to eliminate silos and refine digital solutions for customers worldwide.

Hahn Digital helps customers to overcome challenges in today’s manufacturing environment by enabling them to leverage the benefits of the automation segment and embracing digitalization and data analytics.

Clients will benefit from a portfolio of digital products and services, such as an improved support with augmented reality glasses.

In this field of digital support services Hahn Group recently won an innovation award for its digital solutions with its product “EVE smart services”, which was developed over years based on the significant experience in service and support in the field of automation and robotics.

By combining Hahn Group’s broad spectrum of over 30 years of experience with expert knowledge from the digital ecosystem, Hahn Digital channels all major advancements of digital transformation.

Ranging from data analytics and machine vision to cyber security and augmented reality, Hahn Digital is the reliable partner to achieve the digital industrial transformation in automation and robotics.