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OnRobot installs Evoko Liso system to manage meeting rooms in its headquarters

OnRobot, a manufacturer of end-of-arm tools for robots, has installed an Evoko Liso system to manage the meeting rooms in its headquarters.

Evoko, a Swedish manufacturer of meeting room management solutions, says its “sleek, centralised booking system” was chosen for its “smart design and ease-of-use that helps further enhance the modern look and feel of the OnRobot premises”.

Kenneth Koch, IT administrator at OnRobot, says: “When clients and new employees step into our new building and meeting rooms, the Liso’s never go unnoticed.

“They nicely complement the stylish aesthetic of our brand new building.”

Evoko Liso is a meeting room management solution that takes the hassle out of finding and booking a suitable and available meeting room.

With an intuitive user interface and the ability to connect to the user’s digital calendar of choice, it eliminates confusion, double bookings, and interrupted meetings, ensuring all meeting rooms are being used in the most effective way possible.

From the simple touchscreen, users can even search for the most suitable meeting space based on availability, location, size and available equipment.

Koch says: “As a company born global, we frequently need to arrange a meeting with people in several different locations as quickly and effortlessly as possible, which has been made possible with Liso due to its clear, centralised system.”

Since installing the Evoko Liso units, OnRobot has witnessed significant improvements in the management and discipline of meetings at its headquarters in Odense.

As a result, it will soon be rolling out the meeting room panels more widely to its offices in Los Angeles and Budapest.

Richard Glückman, CEO of Evoko, says: “OnRobot is a great example of how we envisaged the Evoko Liso being used as part of a modern approach to meeting room management.

“The work environment today is far more dynamic than ever before, and we at Evoko are committed to support this trend by developing the user-friendly solutions that facilitate this.”