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Danish robot industry makes 5 recommendations for continued growth

For the last 20 years, Denmark has succeeded in becoming one of the world’s leading robot nations. New figures show great potential for future growth, exports and employment within the Danish robot industry.

The Danish robot industry wants to realise this potential and has launched five recommendations for the newly elected Danish Parliament.

By 2025, up to 25,000 may be directly employed in the robot industry – from a current level of 8,500 employees – and total revenue has the potential to reach DKK 52 billion.

If one counts the derived revenue and employment (growth that is dependent on activities in the robot industry), then the total potential is DKK 80 billion in turnover and 55,000 employees in 2025.

The robot industry wants to achieve this potential. But both analyst reports and the industry’s own experiences show that there are significant challenges that stand in the way.

The five recommendations from 68 companies within the Danish robot, drone and automation industry in the Robotics Alliance are:

  1. Secure access to qualified employees: The lack of qualified employees is the greatest barrier to future growth in Denmark’s robotics industry.
  2. Invest in research and development: New knowledge and research are a crucial factor in the global competitiveness of Denmark´s robotics industry.
  3. Focus on public sector efforts: Collaboration – between universities, GTS institutes, innovation environments and companies with financial support from public network organisations and cluster organisations – is pivotal in creating a profitable and growing robotics industry.
  4. Strengthen exports: There is a need for a structured and robotics-focused approach to accessing international markets and partnerships – one that supports startups ‘born global’.
  5. Increase the use of robots in Denmark: Initiatives are needed to effectively increase automation and the use of robots in industry.

Jürgen von Hollen, President at Universal Robots on behalf of 68 companies in the Danish robot industry, said: “It is absolutely crucial that we stand together to maintain and expand Denmark’s role as one of the world’s leading robot nations.

“We all invest in our companies’ research, development and employees, but it is far from enough if Denmark and Danish companies also in the future can maintain the strong position. We, the companies, cannot lift the task alone.

“Therefore, there is a need for political support and concrete initiatives if this is to succeed, and therefore we now point to five concrete initiatives for the new Danish Parliament, which can contribute to a growth-generating robot industry in the future.”

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