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ABB and Octopus Group collaborate on e-mobility

ABB is to collaborate with UK-headquartered financial services and clean energy firm, Octopus Group.

Together, ABB and Octopus Group seek to explore and develop further e-mobility market offerings that will support fleet operators to achieve a transition to zero emission transport.

Operators will be able to source the required mobility investment from Octopus Group, through flexible financing models and renewable electricity supply, while ABB will provide its EV charging infrastructure and energy technologies to deliver the transition to electric buses and commercial fleets.

ABB and Octopus Group bring together like-minded teams who have the resource, experience and complementary technical expertise to usher in sustainable solutions for buses and fleets and simplifying the transition to zero emissions.

The collaboration provides a one-stop-shop solution for operators, who can now source the financing and renewable energy supply needed to launch an EV fleet from Octopus and the required electrical infrastructure solutions from ABB.