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First MG cars roll out of SAIC Motor’s Indian base

SAIC Motor’s vehicle production base in India, the company’s third overseas automobile manufacturing base, has started operation.

The first MG car to leave the assembly line was also the first internet car to be seen in the Indian market.

SAIC Motor has developed a whole overseas auto industrial chain which integrates innovation and R&D centres, manufacturing bases, marketing centres, supply centres and financial companies. Its vehicle sales volume has broken the threshold of 10,000 in many countries.

The Indian production base will serve as a significant support for the company as it strives to hit its annual target of selling 350,000 cars overseas.

The Indian production base features a manufacturing capacity of 80,000 cars a year. The new MG internet car is equipped with the i-Smart intelligent drive system developed by the company, and will introduce to local consumers intelligent connectivity.

SAIC Motor plans to release at least four new models in India within two years, including the pure electric SUV MG EZS which is scheduled to enter production this year.