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Daimler tests weird new service that delivers your online shopping to the boot of your car

Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes-Benz, is testing an oddball new service which enables you to have your online shopping order delivered to your parked car – and even put it in the boot for you. 

Called “Chark”, the innovative service is currently being tested in the greater Stuttgart area of Germany.

Approximately 500 Mercedes-Benz drivers are being invited to take part in the test, and applications can be made at

Chark – spelled “chark” by Daimler, with lower case c – is a corporate start-up project by Lab1886, Daimler’s global innovation incubator.

Susanne Hahn, head of Lab1886 Global, says: “Chark makes active use of the parked car.”

From today, June 14th, chark is entering the beta phase of its market trials. The in-car delivery service for parked cars will test how online purchases and services can be quickly and conveniently delivered to parked cars owned by around 500 participants in the greater Stuttgart area.

Other major cities in Germany are to follow.

Expanding the service to other car brands is possible at any time. The aim is to create a service eco-system for package deliveries and returns, food deliveries, laundry services, vehicle cleaning, and other services.

Sajjad Khan, member of divisional board Mercedes-Benz Cars for CASE, says: “Chark demonstrates the innovative strength and start-up culture in our company.

“With chark, we are enhancing the user experience of our customers and giving a completely new meaning to parking.”

The app for the new service is available free of charge from the Apple App Store. “Chark” is a hybrid of the phrase “change the way you park”.

Boss Hahn says: “With chark, we are opening up a new dimension in vehicle use. It puts an end to waiting at home for the delivery of an online purchase.

“From now on, owners of a Mercedes-Benz can also put their car to good use when it is parked. Every chark participant can have purchases delivered to the parked car without difficulty, saving valuable time for other things.”

In the current phase the portfolio of services covers the delivery of online purchases.

At present the cooperation partners are the Mercedes-Benz Online Shop, the fashion and lifestyle retailer Breuninger and, as a logistical partner, the technology provider and last-mile delivery service Liefery.

The range of car-related chark services will be continuously expanded. Anybody owning a Mercedes-Benz with the Mercedes me Connect service in the greater Stuttgart area can take part in chark.

These are usually vehicles manufactured from 2015 onwards.

To take part, it makes no difference whether the car is privately owned, leased or a business car.

Interested persons who wish to take part in the chark test can make an application at Around 500 participants will be enabled for the beta test by email.

Every participant can see which services are available via the chark app or website. Services are booked and paid for directly with the relevant supplier. Initially, the use of chark is free of charge.