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Easy maintenance for an energy-efficient and beautiful swimming pool

Homes with swimming pools use double the amount of energy than other homes. Apart from this, pool maintenance is also expensive if not done right. But does it mean that owning a pool is costly a luxury, and potential homeowners should avoid it? No.

The benefits of owning a pool far outweigh the costs. Swimming is a great exercise and still you do not strain from swimming. Pools also are perfect for having fun with family and friends. You can be sure that families that own a pool are happier compared to other families.

Reducing pool energy consumption and maintenance costs is achievable by following the right maintenance measures. Read the article for an insight into easy maintenance tips that you can use for an energy efficient pool.

Use robotic pool cleaners

Robotic cleaners have revolutionized the cleaning industry. Every pool owner would desire a cleaner that he can set to auto clean his pool even when he is not near his home. Robotic pool cleaners provide more than just autonomy; they also leave the pool spotlessly clean.

Robotic pool cleaners are highly efficient and clean the pool fast while consuming insignificant amounts of power. From reading the aquabot breeze xls reviews, you will it can be a great and affordable solution for your pool cleaning.

This robotic cleaner uses 40 percent less energy than standard pool cleaners and still reduces the use of chemicals in your pool.

Use pool covers

If a pool is left open, it will cool down through evaporation. Heat loss through evaporation is rapid and takes a shorter time than heating the pool.

Another disadvantage of leaving the pool open is it gets exposed to sunlight, which is a potential cause for algae blooming.

Investing in a pool cover will prevent evaporation and save energy by approximately 50%. Covering the pool also prevents pool chemicals and water from evaporating.

By covering the pool-dead insects, rats, mice, wooden twigs and leaves-do not get into the pool. The pool, therefore, remains ever clean and beautiful.

Make sure the pool filtration system works effectively

The pool filtration system is the difference between clean water and whitish or cloudy water. The problem with a lousy filtration system is you might have to clean for a long time before achieving the results you desire. The pool filtration if faulty, should be replaced or repaired to avoid losses.

The choice of your filter also determines the amount of energy you are going to use. There are three types of filters-Cartridge, DE and sand filters. The cartridge filter is the most energy friendly because it has a low resistance to water flow.

The cartridge filter does not require backlashing like the other two filters. It is, therefore, more suitable for saving energy, chemicals and water.

Run the pool pump on shorter durations

To conserve energy, you can run the pool pump in shorter durations, i.e., 5 to 6 hours. High-efficiency pool pumps do not need to run for long. The recommended hours for standard pool cleaners is 8 hours.

It is right to run the pool pump during the day. If you run it during the night, you might forget and leave the pump running for long.

Installation of a solar-powered heating system

To forgo the cost of electricity, you can instead install a solar heating system for your pool power needs. The initial cost of installing solar might be high, but in the long run, it will make financial sense. You can still connect the solar to serve both your home and the pool.

Maintaining efficient pool operations

Managing a pool requires a lot of attention. You have to make sure all the pool equipment is working correctly at all times. For example, if you want to save power, the pool heater must always be efficient. If it is damaged, it can take longer to heat the pool resulting in unmanageable power costs.

It is also advisable to keep track of water temperatures during pool heating. A lot of energy is lost if the pool is left to overheat.

Some pool equipment may be substandard, so buying from credible dealers is critical

Clean, healthy and energy-efficient pools

Reducing power consumption while still maintaining a clean pool should be the priority of every pool owner. Apart from cutting costs, conserving power helps in protecting the climate and reducing the destruction of the environment.

Maintaining a clean pool will provide you with a beautiful and attractive recreational facility. You won’t stress about the safety of your family or friends whenever they intend to use the pool.