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Kassow Robots prepares to enter North American market

Kassow Robots, a startup company from Denmark which makes collaborative robots, is preparing to enter the North American market.

Kassow’s robots will be showcased for the first time in North America at the booth that the company’s new partner, Gibson Engineering, will set up at the expo ATX East in New York.

Kassow Robots has been expanding its partner network throughout Europe since it entered the market in June 2018 – the company has already found partners in countries that extend from Portugal to Bulgaria and from Denmark to Spain as well as in central Europe.

Others will follow, says the company.

Dieter Pletscher, head of sales at Kassow Robots, says: “We are really proud to be welcoming Gibson Engineering of Norwood, Massachusetts, as the first partner in North America to the Kassow Robots partner network.”

Pletscher adds that Gibson Engineering is “an excellent automation systems company” and can draw on 70 years of experience.

The partnership with Gibson Engineering represents Kassow Robots’ first step in preparations to systematically enter the North American market in the United States and Canada.

The entry date has been set for the beginning of 2020.

However, the collaborative robots made by Kassow Robots will have already been presented for the first time in North America at Gibson Engineering’s booth at the ATX East 2019 in New York, NY.

Dan O’Brien, president of Gibson Engineering, says: “The cobots produced by Kassow Robots are exceptional. With their seven axes, as well as their high power and speed, they offer real added value. Our customers will certainly benefit from it.

“Kassow Robots provides industrial companies with a very cost-efficient solution for human-machine collaboration.”

Kassow Robots has started producing its first two collaborative robots: the KR 810 with 850 mm reach and 10 kg payload, and the KR 1205 with 1,200 mm reach and 5 kg payload.

Both models have seven axes. The KR 1805 with 1,800 mm reach, 5 kg payload and seven axes will follow in the second half of 2019.

Gibson Engineering will be at ATX East from 11-13 June 2019 at Booth 2007.