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IOC takes delivery of zero emission hydrogen fuel cell vehicles from Toyota

A fleet of Toyota Mirai zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell cars has been delivered to the International Olympic Committee  in Lausanne, Switzerland as a key part of the organisation’s mobility plan.

The eight fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) were unveiled on the eve of World Environment Day at Olympic House, the IOC’s new sustainability-driven headquarters to be inaugurated on 23 June 2019.

To allow refuelling of the vehicles, a temporary hydrogen fuelling station – one of the first in Switzerland – will be installed at the new headquarters, before a public station is commissioned nearby.

The station will produce and distribute hydrogen sourced from renewable energy to supply the IOC’s fleet, as part of the organisation’s efforts to reduce its carbon emissions.

Having become the first ever mobility partner of the Olympic Movement in 2015 and in line with Olympic Agenda 2020, Toyota is working with future Olympic Games organisers, including Tokyo 2020, to provide sustainable mobility solutions for the Games.

Toyota will support Tokyo 2020 with a large number of zero-emission FCEV such as the Mirai sedan for official use. In addition, the FC bus “Sora” as well as fuel cell forklifts made and sold by Toyota Industries Corporation, will help support the Games.