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Sensors supplier Sick selected as Top 50 robotics company

Sick, the sensor specialist, has been named a Top 50 Robotics Company by the Robotics Business Review.

The RBR50 is an annual list of the 50 most innovative and transformative robotics companies that have achieved commercial success in the past year.

Sick provides sensor technology for a number of robotics applications, including navigation for mobile platforms.

Mobile platforms move automatically or autonomously between different points in the production or logistics environment.

To make sure that they find their way, diverse sensor solutions for navigation and positioning are necessary, which serve to localize and navigate mobile platforms.

Using LiDAR – light detection and ranging – technology, Sick can help manufacturers create a more flexible automation process.

“Sick’s LiDAR sensors are used on countless mobile automation applications to provide an intelligent solution for the safe use of autonomous mobile robots,” said Daniel Perez-Bello, SICK’s Global Product Manager for LiDAR sensors.

“With LiDAR technology, robot manufacturers can implement SLAM – simultaneous localization and mapping – algorithms in order to determine the absolute position of mobile platforms in their environment and provide navigation routes, gaining flexibility and increase production.

“Additionally, Sick provides their own ROS – Robot Operating System – drivers to facilitate the implementation of their sensors.”

For 2019, companies were selected from commercial and industrial robotics categories, including component makers, collaborative robotics, autonomous mobile robots, artificial intelligence, healthcare and service robotics, and more.

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