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Denmark conference highlights high-growth robotics companies

The biggest event for direct investment in Odense, home to the world-famous Danish robotics cluster, Odense Investor Summit 19, takes place June 26.

The event offers a unique opportunity to see the most promising and exciting technologies in the fields of robotics, drones and health tech plus access to fellow investors and investor networks.

With the prospect of an estimated 2-300 per cent growth by 2025, the Danish robotics cluster has a unique appeal to international investors.

The cluster generated a turnover of €763 million in 2017 – a 32 per cent increase since 2015, the equivalent of €238,000 on average per employee.

The ripple effect of the cluster is known globally; since 2015, more than €750 million has been invested in the Odense-based robotics companies.

98 per cent came from private investors, including US based Teradyne acquiring the two young companies Universal Robots and Mobile Industrial Robots.

Odense Investor Summit 19 held June 26 is a platform where capital-seeking companies from one of Europe ́s most dynamic robotics clusters, Odense Robotics, meet investors representing “smart money” and risk capital.

More than 20 international and Danish start-ups and small- and medium-sized enterprises within the areas of robotics, drones, and health-tech participate and meet with 120+ investors eager to invest in these industries.

At the Investor Summit in the city of Odense, which, besides housing the robot fairytale, is the birthplace of the Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen, participants can also meet the key people behind the creation of the successful European hot spot for robotics and automation, home to more than 130 robotics companies.

The area’s explosive growth rate is closely connected to the cluster’s unique ecosystem well-known for its strong collaboration between the companies, research and educational institutions, and the public, accelerating the growth of numerous companies in a relatively small area.

A total of 98 per cent of companies in Odense Robotics say collaboration is their most important strategic focus area with 78 per cent of companies collaborating with other cluster companies.

The Danish global market leaders in robotics arms, service robots and end-of-arm tooling including OnRobot, Blue Ocean Robotics, Universal Robots, Mobile Industrial Robots, Cabinplant and Jorgensen Engineering are all based in Odense.

Denmark’s robotics industry is world-leading

Today, Denmark’s robotics industry employs 8,500 people and generates €2.4 billion in turnover.

In 2025, turnover is estimated to grow to €7 billion and the number of employees to reach 25,000 – a three-fold increase in just six years.

The numbers come from the first-ever analysis of Denmark’s robot and automation industry and its contribution to the country’s economy, just released in a new report published by Damvad Analytics.

“The Danish robotics industry is today a global market leader in the development and production of robotic technology,” says Mikkel Christoffersen, business manager of Odense Robotics.

“The recent report confirms that Denmark has developed a solid foundation for realizing the growth potential of this fast-growing industry that investors should keep an eye on as it is fast becoming very attractive for both seed-money and venture capital investment.”

Start-ups at all levels with big opportunities

At the Odense Investor Summit, promising ventures from start-up level to advanced level will present their companies, including:

• Start-up level: Kobots – Voice Responsive Robotics. A mobile, voice-controlled cutting robot for the construction industry that increases production capacity up to 300 per cent.

• Venture level: Vision technology by Danish TriVision that helps manufacturers avoid expensive recalls by significantly improving quality and OEE uptime.

• Advanced level: Blue Ocean Robotics, the first robot venture “factory”, that develops, produces, and sells professional service robots in healthcare, construction, agriculture, education, and other global markets.

A healthy fast-growing business environment

The City of Odense represents a healthy fast-growing business environment. Odense Investor Summit is bridging the gap between the robotic growth companies and investors. The number of companies in the cluster has grown by more than 50 per cent since 2015.

In 2017, 49 per cent of companies said their financial result was acceptable or satisfactory. This strong top and bottom-line growth shows a profitable industry successfully performing in terms of both development and sales.

Turnover is set to increase significantly in the coming years. Almost 40 per cent of companies expect a 20 per cent+ increase in turnover in 2018 compared to previous year, and almost 70 per cent expect a 20 per cent+ increase in turnover for 2019-2021 compared to 2017.

The total number of employees in the cluster is more than 3,600. The vision of the mayor of Odense is that Odense becomes the world’s leading robotics city.

At start-up level: A voice controlled cutting robot

Kobots presents a mobile, voice-controlled cutting robot for the construction industry that increases production capacity up to 300 per cent due to less wait time while materials are cut effectively and precisely the first time.

The robot also reduces waste and increases safety and work environments. The world’s first voice controlled flexible cutting system precision cuts most materials from tiles to plaster, responding to voice orders.

Due to advanced software, Robots secures a stable dialogue between the craftsman and the cutting robot – easily, quickly and safely. The entire machine can be set up 10 minutes and can be stored in two sports bags.

Giving craftsmen the easy voice responsive access to precision cutting speeds up building processes markedly in small as well as big constructions. At European level, the market for construction alone is €750 billion.

Kobots’ goal is to have a market share of at least 5 per cent within a year.

At venture level: Vision technology improves packaging quality and reduces waste

The food industry can avoid expensive recalls, significantly improve quality and get better OEE uptime by using the vision technology of Danish TriVision, which has already increased the efficiency of leading Danish food production companies such as Arla Foods and Danish Crown.

The technology ensures that premium goods are not discarded due to packaging errors.

At established level: A robot venture “factory”

Blue Ocean Robotics develops, produces and sells professional service robots in healthcare, construction, agriculture, education, and other global market verticals.

The portfolio of robots includes brands like UVD Robots, a mobile robot to disinfect hospitals and pharmacy industries, Multi-Tower Robot, a mobile robot for safe patient handling and rehabilitation, and a handful of other service robots.

All robots in the portfolio are created and commercialized based on reusable technology – and business components enabling the company to launch and scale new robots better, faster and cheaper than others.

Each robot brand is set up as a venture company in itself. Blue Ocean Robotics is, therefore, the first of its kind – a robot venture factory.