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Dow launches new electromagnetic interference shielding technologies

Dow returns to The Battery Show Europe this year to showcase its broad and growing portfolio of conductive silicone technologies with the launch of DowSil EC-6601 Electrically Conductive Adhesive.

This next-generation material is engineered for reliable performance and electromagnetic compatibility in various transportation, communications and consumer electronics applications.

It combines strong shielding against electromagnetic interference across a wide range of frequencies with durable mechanical and conductive properties over time.

Jeroen Bello, global senior marketing manager for new technologies at Dow, says: “The effect of increased electromagnetic interference in emerging automotive applications spanning electrification, autonomy and 5G connectivity is driving demand for materials with excellent electrical conductivity, long-lasting performance, and strong EMI shielding.

“DowSil EC-6601 Adhesive provides this unique combination of properties and bonds to a variety of substrates. Dow is investing in solutions that address performance challenges and enable high-volume assembly in markets where connectivity, reliability, productivity and the ability to meet specific regulatory requirements are especially important.”

Dow’s stand at The Battery Show Europe 2019 further highlights DowSil EA-4700 CV Adhesive, an advanced silicone adhesive capable of faster room temperature curing while maintaining the expected performance advantages of silicone adhesives.

DowSil EA-4700 CV Adhesive bonds quickly to metals and plastics used in electronics assembly and offers low levels of volatile condensable materials to support its use near sensitive electronic components.

Importantly, this advanced material enables manufacturers to increase throughput while reducing or eliminating oven curing for reduced capital expenses and energy usage.

At the show, Dow is featuring recent expansions beyond its proven portfolio of thermally conductive materials.

These new materials include thermally conductive adhesives, encapsulants and gap fillers, reflecting the evolving requirements from users of thermal materials for products with both high-performance capabilities and high-volume throughput.

Bruce Hilman, global segment leader for transportation assembly at Dow, says: “As a trusted global supplier of this advanced liquid, thermally conductive materials, we will continue to work in close partnership with our customers and equipment suppliers to ensure next-generation materials meet performance expectations while delivering ease and effectiveness for use in mass production.”

Visitors to the Dow stand at The Battery Show Europe can see several key applications including a cylindrical cell type module, a pouch cell type module, an engine control unit and a transmission control unit that demonstrate the company’s advanced materials in use.

Dow will be at The Battery Show Europe 2019 in hall 1, stand 349.