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Universal Robots certifies SMC magnetic grippers

SMC Corporation of America, a pneumatics and industrial automation components manufacturer, has joined Universal Robots’ UR+ program, launching the new UR+ certified MHM Series Magnetic Gripper.

The gripper is bundled into an easy plug and play kit that integrates to a unique solution for picking, transferring, and placing ferromagnetic workpieces of uneven surfaces, porous, or that are susceptible to damage when traditional methods of vacuum systems or mechanical grippers are not viable.

A working demonstration of the MHM Magnetic Gripper kit installed on the arm of a Universal Robot was demonstrated at SMC’s booth and UR’s booth at the recent Automate Show in Chicago.

Amanda Wease, product manager at SMC, says: “The UR+ platform is an incredible opportunity for SMC to provide a plug and play solution for UR cobots that helps lower the barriers to automation for customers of all sizes.

“We reached out to Universal Robots to become a UR+ developer as it felt like a natural fit to join the global leader in collaborative robots.

“This is just the starting point of our relationship. We look forward to expand with the UR+ program, developing certified offerings from our vast catalog of over ten thousand standard products.”

Stuart Shepherd, Universal Robots’ regional sales director for Americas, says: “SMC is a strong global partner featuring a very impressive product portfolio with significant UR+ potential. We cannot wait to see more of their products certified for our cobots.”

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