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Robotiq launches its first UR+ certified vacuum grippers and sanding kit

The UR+ program debuted in 2016 and has since grown rapidly to include more than 140 certified UR+ products with more than 400 companies joining the UR+ developer program.

A charter partner with the UR+ program is Robotiq, the company is now adding a new chapter to its long relationship with Universal Robots by launching three new UR+ certified products at Automate 2019; AirPick and EPick, Robotiq’s new vacuum grippers, and the Sanding Kit.

Both vacuum grippers operate without the need for external air supply. The AirPick features a built-in venturi vacuum generator, while the EPick includes a built-in electrical vacuum pump. Robotiq vacuum grippers can handle a wide range of applications and are ideal for picking up even and uneven workpieces made of different materials, such as cardboard, glass, sheet metal (dry) and plastic.

The Robotiq Sanding Kit is the only hardware and software all-in-one sanding solution for cobots. The kit includes the powerful Finishing Copilot software, which generates a complete sanding trajectory with a handful of waypoints, a pneumatic orbital tool connected to a bracket designed for Universal Robots, and all connection accessories.

“Having been the first pioneering company to launch a solution for the UR+ platform, we’re happy to continue to partner with UR, offering manufacturers end-of-arm-tooling products to help automate UR cobot powered applications faster and easier,” said Samuel Bouchard, Robotiq’s co-founder and CEO.

Stuart Shepherd sees Robotiq’s new UR+ product offerings as well aligned with the growth in new cobot applications. “Processing tasks such as sanding and polishing are not what cobots have been traditionally known for. But by being able to easily add new advanced capabilities such as a UR+ certified sanding kit, this helps open up a whole new frontier for us. These new products will both surprise and delight Automate attendees,” he said.