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ABB and Porsche to jointly develop electric vehicle chargers

ABB has teamed up with Porsche to develop a dedicated high-power charger for Porsche’s electric vehicles in Japan.

ABB has entered into an agreement to deliver its market-leading electric vehicle infrastructure for Porsche Japan’s EVs, including Taycan, the automaker’s first fully electric car, set to enter the Japanese market in 2020.

Under the terms, Porsche Japan will install ABB’s high-power chargers at Porsche Centers and public facilities across the country, creating a network of fast chargers for its electric vehicles. The first installation is set to go live in mid-2020.

The alliance will boost Japan’s push for the wider adoption of e-mobility. ABB and Porsche Japan will join forces to develop the next generation of chargers that support power levels exceeding 150 kW and compatible with the CHAdeMO fast-charging standard.

The Japanese government has set an ambitious goal to sell only new electric or hybrid vehicles by 2050. The move comes as the country works to reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions that are largely responsible for global warming.

Frank Muehlon, head of ABB’s global business for EV charging infrastructure, says: “ABB’s deep expertise in electric vehicle charging, combined with Porsche’s legacy of high-performance is a winning formula to revolutionize sustainable mobility, and will pave the way for Japan to meet its ambitious zero-emissions commitments.”

The Porsche Taycan is set to enter the Japanese market in 2020. With a maximum output of 600PS (440kW), the sports sedan can go from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds and has a maximum cruising distance of 500km or more (Reach NEDC compliance).

Demand for Porsche’s first ever electric car has been overwhelming, with more than 20,000 customers across the world expressing interest as of March 2019.

Following its launch, Porsche will go into production in 2020 with its crossover inspired estate version, the EV Cross Turismo.

Porsche Japan president Toshiyuki Shimegi says: “I am very glad to say that we will be able to provide the highest performing quick charging network in the world to our customers, thanks to this partnership with ABB.

“By 2025, half of all new vehicles from Porsche may feature an electric drive – either as part of a hybrid concept or as a purely electric vehicle, so building the quick charging infrastructure is vital to EV owners as a great step forward in the Porsche EV project.”

With over 10 years of expertise in the EV charging market, ABB is the perfect partner to help Japan electrify its transportation system.

ABB is a founding member of the CHAdeMO and CCS Charging Standards Association, and the title sponsor of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship race that is reshaping the world of sustainable e-mobility.

ABB has sold more than 10,500 DC high-speed chargers in 73 countries.