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Groupe PSA carries out autonomous driving tests in L3Pilot project

Since the start of April, Group PSA’s vehicles equipped with level 3 autonomous driving functions have been operating on open roads in France as part of the European L3Pilot project.

Six to eight vehicles will undergo intensive driving tests to validate autonomous functions on dual carriageways.

The project is strengthening Groupe PSA’s expertise in the development of autonomous vehicles, thanks to a global ecosystem of partners, including European carmakers, research centres and roads authorities.

The company will share the project feedback with the other partners to find-tune the necessary systems and establish a code of good practices.

The aim of the L3Pilot project is to test and validate autonomous driving as an efficient and safe means of transport, with tests conducted on open roads in several European countries.

Tests will assess technical aspects, driving behaviour, user acceptance, impact on traffic and safety in various driving conditions, including urban environments and motorways.

The four-year European project launched in 2017 has an overall budget of €68 million, half of which is funded by the European Commission.