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Parrot launches thermal compact lightweight drone solution

Drone maker Parrot has launched the Anafi Thermal, which the company describes an “all-in-one, drone-based solution that provides easy to use, sophisticated and high-quality thermography” – drone + sensor + software.

Parrot has evolved its existing Anafi platform to create this lightweight and easy-to-use solution specifically engineered to support a wide range of industries.

As well as the built-in 4K HDR camera, Anafi Thermal integrates a FLIR® thermal sensor – a benchmark product in this sector – capable of letting users see thermal imaging quickly and efficiently.

With Anafi Thermal, users can view live thermal and RGB images – 4K HDR – of surfaces, structures or at-risk areas that the drone captures while in flight, creating the opportunity to better understand areas monitored and take immediate action.

Users of Anafi Thermal can collect previously inaccessible information and data at a fraction of the cost, while increasing efficiency and productivity in a secure way.

With this solution, Parrot says it is reinforcing its commitment to the professional drone market to “revolutionise the way many industries and trades operate”.

The Anafi Thermal offers a wide range of industries an all-in-one solution that can be adapted to different requirements and needs. Anafi Thermal will provide a solution to:

  • Building, construction, public works and real estate professionals;
  • Experts in civil security and rescue services;
  • Energy producers and transporters; and
  • Environment and preservation organisations.

The Anafi Thermal is available from this month via and from official Parrot resellers. The price starts at around £1,700.