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Sick launches new compact image-based code reader

Sick has launched a new compact image-based code reader, Lector621, for reliable detection of 1D, 2D, stacked codes, and plain text.

The high-performance DPM – direct part marking – decoder can read laser or dot-peened codes perfectly, even in the case of low contrast levels, contamination, or poor code quality.

This fills a gap in Sick’s existing portfolio of code readers, by providing a compact solution with increased reading distance, resolution, field of vision, and scanning frequency.

With the Lector621, you’ll have perfect sight in any light thanks to the variable illumination concept and its immunity to ambient light, ensuring stable readings even in changing light conditions.

The Lector621 is a perfect solution if you’re looking to transition from using laser scanners to cameras for applications like tote box identification in your logistics facility.

It enables accurate track & trace capabilities so logistics operations can more efficiently route products.

In addition, the Lector621 can be used in a factory setting for applications like code identification in packaging lines, component or part identification, read-after-print, or best-before date inspections.

Benefits at a glance:

Optimal reading performance with intelligent decoding algorithms to ensure high throughput, even with highly reflective or contaminated codes

Stable reading even in changing light conditions with variable illumination concept

Maximum reliability on shiny or reflective surfaces thanks to flexible optical accessories

Easy integration due to compact design and swivel connector; ideal for places where installation space is tight

Faster and more cost effective commissioning with automated setup wizard with auto focus and aiming laser

Simple assembly as an integrated unit with lensing and lighting built in – no need for separate part numbers and assembly

Short downtimes when devices are replaced thanks to parameter backup on MicroSD card

Programming is quick and easy since read results can be transmitted to the control system in the desired format