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Fanuc showcases ‘Zero Down Time’ IIoT solution

Fanuc America demonstrated its Zero Down Time (ZDT) Industrial IoT solution at Automate 2019 .

The company’s augmented reality (AR) experience featured manufacturing situations where ZDT could help. The experience included six common manufacturing challenges printed on two graphic display panels that simulated manufacturing facilities.  

ZDT’s predictive analytics have already saved millions of dollars by preventing unexpected down time in the automotive industry, says the company.

In addition to reducing unexpected down time, ZDT allows users to maximise production throughput, optimise maintenance costs, increase the life of their robots, and access data from anywhere via the ZDT web portal.

Since its introduction in 2015, ZDT analytics have successfully identified potential equipment issues, and notified customers to take corrective actions and avoid unexpected down time in over 600 cases, saving companies more than $75 million, adds the company.

“The value of ZDT applies to every manufacturer,” said Joe Gazzarato, director of engineering, ZDT Product Development, Fanuc America. 

“No matter what industry you’re in, the prospect of maintaining consistent production uptime and reducing costs equates to a competitive advantage – which is what ZDT offers our customers.”