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Infographic: How AI is streamlining the supply chain

Noodle AI has produced an infographic to show how artificial intelligence is changing commerce

Artificial intelligence is everywhere. In fact, you may have interacted with it today and you didn’t even know it.

AI can streamline a lot of our daily business operations, freeing us up to tackle more difficult tasks.

Within the world of e-commerce, AI may be the key to streamlining the supply chain.

The secret to sustainable commerce is rising through today’s advances in AI, and you may not even realize these solutions are being found with artificial intelligence.

AI can analyze vast amounts of data to find inefficiencies in many different parts of the eCommerce ecosystem.

It can devise more efficient shipping routes that both cut costs and get products delivered to customers faster.

It can optimize vehicle maintenance schedules to ensure costly and time-consuming breakdowns never happen.

It can also forecast potential sales to ensure suppliers have just the right amount of product on hand when they need it.