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ANCA Motion launches new tubular linear motor

ANCA Motion has launched its new tubular linear motor LinX M Series, which the company says offers 10um of resolution at a peak force range of up to 1,200N.

Available in Q2 2019, the latest addition to the LinX range continues to support demanding automation applications whilst increasing efficiency in a compact footprint.

The LinX M-series linear motor features an integrated position sensor with 10um of resolution, eliminating the need of an external encoder, simplifying the system design and reducing the overall cost.

Modular design of the heatsink and end-caps enables flexibility in system integration. The motor produces a continuous force range of 90N to 160 and a peak force range of up to 1,200N.

The series is designed to deliver superior performance for high dynamic applications: velocity up to 10m/s and maximum acceleration of higher than 30G.

With integrated position feedback and pneumatics compatible mounting design, the M-Series motor range is an ideal replacement to pneumatic cylinders also simplifying system integration, commission and maintenance.

When compared with a pneumatic system the LinX motor offers a reduction in operating costs due to reduced energy consumption and maintenance.

Naveen Nadesan, ANCA global marketing manager, said: “With a fully potted motor body and sealed stainless steel shaft, IP67 protection level can be achieved by the motor, making it ideal for food and beverage packaging applications.

“Automation is advancing at a dramatic pace and that is good news for manufacturers. The buzz of Smart Factories and Industry 4.0 isn’t just noise as automation drives efficiencies, reduces cost and improves quality.

“This latest product by ANCA Motion has been designed to offer manufacturers a better solution than what was previously available and our linear motor technology has proven success in the market place with customers raving about the improved performance of their machines.

“For example, an Australian customer Sutton Tools reported a 10% improvement on its surface finish on their tools after moving to a machine using the linear motor.

“This change was achieved by moving away from the traditional ball-screw movement on machines to a linear motor and we have taken this technology and extended its capabilities so that more manufacturers can benefit.”

Jeff Boyd, export manager at Sutton Tools, said: “By really focusing on how we could improve the surface finish, and with the added capabilities of the linear motor, we have created a product that is delivering significant productivity gains for our customers.

“The team are now consistently achieving a longer tool life and faster cycle times in the machining of the higher strength materials such as titanium and inconels which is a great result.”

The LinX motor design itself improves machine life and reduces wear on guide ways or rails, eliminating the downforce associated with flatbed motors due to the zero net attractive forces.

The magnets contained within the LinX motor stainless steel cylinder allow machine builders to align the motor with much more ease, meaning machines can be built faster and safer.

LinX M-series Linear Motor has been designed in a variety of different sizes to allow for application-specific solutions.