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Epson launches IntelliFlex parts singulation solution

Epson Robots has launched its IntelliFlex Feeding System, powered by Epson Robots’ IntelliFlex Software and Vision Guide.

Epson says the IntelliFlex Feeding System delivers a “simplistic and affordable feeding solution” to accommodate a wide variety of parts for advanced applications in medical, consumer, automotive, electronics and more.

Available in June, 2019, it was showcased at the recent Automate Show. 

The IntelliFlex Feeding System offers a smart alternative to feeders available in the market today.

This revolutionary system eliminates costly, time-consuming retooling and allows manufacturers to work with a wide variety of parts without purchasing new equipment.

Integrated with Epson RC+ Development Software, the IntelliFlex Feeding System offers easy setup and configuration from one environment.

Its point-and-click interface helps reduce the typical development time required for advanced applications.

Smart auto-tuning automatically adjusts the IntelliFlex Feeding System for new parts, giving you a flexible, cost-efficient, future-proof parts singulation solution.

Gregg Brunnick, director of product management for Epson Robots, says: “The IntelliFlex Feeding System meets a growing need for high mix low volume parts singulation.

“The integration of Epson robots, feeder and vision system into a single development environment dramatically reduces development time, providing manufacturers operational efficiency with quick part changeovers.”

Key features of IntelliFlex:

  • High-performance parts-feeding solution – powered by Epson robots, IntelliFlex Software, and Vision Guide
  • Simple setup and configuration – fully integrated with Epson RC+ Development Software
  • Point-and-click interface – helps reduce the typical development time required for advanced applications
  • Flexible parts handling – supports parts from 5 to 40 mm in size
  • Quick parts changeover – feeder offers easy setup to accommodate different parts for reduced total cost of ownership
  • Compatible with a wide range of parts – supports simple to complex parts, as well as delicate materials
  • Smart auto-tuning – automatically adjusts the feeder parameters for new parts setup
  • Unique directional vibration capabilities – multi-axis vibration technology for optimized parts control and singulation
  • Blacklight options – red, green, blue, white and infrared available
  • Tray configuration options ― ESD/anti-static and anti-rolling available