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BMW and DXC partner to accelerate development of autonomous driving

DXC Technology has reached an agreement to support BMW’s autonomous vehicle development through the automaker’s “High Performance D3” platform.

DXC provides services that help to provide and simplify data analysis and train the necessary algorithms to reduce the time and cost of developing autonomous vehicles.

The BMW Group High Performance D3 platform supports the company’s own autonomous vehicle development program and gathers enormous amounts of road driving data from the global BMW research and development fleet. 

With DXC’s digital solution, BMW’s research and development teams are able to collect, store and manage data from vehicle sensors not in days or weeks, but in seconds. This leads to faster development cycles.

Alejandro Vukotich, senior vice president, driver assistance and autonomous driving development, BMW Group, says: “Autonomous driving is at the heart of BMW’s ‘Number One > Next’ strategy.


“DXC will be actively supporting our commitment to maximizing innovation to our customers’ benefit with managed services, we can bring the solution to the next level of the BMW Group’s autonomous driving initiative.”

Edward Ho, executive vice president and general manager, offerings, DXC Technology, says: “The next five years will be critical as technology and partner ecosystems continue to revolutionize the automotive industry.

“DXC welcomes the opportunity with the Working together to drive the development capabilities of autonomous driving, the DXC platform and tools enable BMW engineers to significantly accelerate the development and test phases of autonomous driving algorithms.”

DXC is focused on driving research and development for autonomous driving by accelerating development and testing cycles.

An example of this is DXC Robotic Drive, which accelerates the process of autonomous driving – from detective capture, storage, and analysis to the delivery of knowledge.

DXC Robotic Drive is based on an open-source ecosystem and is available on-site in a cloud or hybrid environment, allowing workloads to be easily moved.

Engineers work with each other irrespective of their geographic location and agile. Using single storage, processing, and artificial intelligence training platform reduces hardware and software requirements, and therefore costs and complexity.

Data can be collected globally but monitored centrally. This maximizes efficiency and lowers costs.

The DXC Robotic Drive platform and toolkit include analytics, cloud, platform security and application services.

DXC Technology provides a worldwide network of Automotive Centers of Excellence where DXC partners and customers collaborate, develop and drive industry innovation.