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Endress+Hauser launches its Netilion IIoT system

At the Hannover Messe, Endress+Hauser premiered Netilion, an ecosystem that combines applications and system components to simplify system management and maintenance.

The Netilion Scanner App, as well as Netilion System Components, monitor the installed base, while Netilion Analytics provides an overview of the installed instruments.

Netilion Health visualises and interprets the status of the installed base, thus enabling operators to initiate maintenance measures when irregularities occur. And with Netilion Library, Endress+Hauser is offering an online data management service for the entire life cycle of the measurement point.

Netilion Scanner is a free smartphone app that captures instruments with a QR code or RFID tag. Apart from the data, the app can be used to store images and other information such as GPS coordinates, tag numbers or the location of the device.

Other measurement data such as the accessibility of the instrument, criticality or quality-relevant parameters can also be defined in the field and stored via the app. The data is then automatically saved online and stored offline on the RFID tag.

Netilion System Components such as adapters, gateways and edge devices facilitate automatic capture of the instruments and the data without having to interact with the control circuit.

The installed base is now stored in the Netilion Analytics online service to automatically create a digital twin of the system.

The installed base can now be analysed with the help of dashboards in order to initiate proactive maintenance measures for critical instruments or swap out discontinued instruments.

Thanks to the OT and IT integration of the field instruments by means of Netilion System Components, operators can exploit the advantages of Heartbeat technology and capture relevant diagnostic and monitoring data from the instrument or the process.

Netilion Health visualises the instrument diagnostic data to pinpoint the cause of any irregularities and associated remedies, all specific to the instrument. This improves the ability to respond in cases where maintenance or service is required, the company says.

The Health app can furthermore track the condition of the instrument so that other maintenance optimization measures can be initiated.

Netilion Library helps users to organise work files and documents. Endress+Hauser already has digital twins of 40 to 47 million instruments, which serves as the foundation.

Netilion Library is a file sharing and data management service for the complete life cycle of an instrument. Files can be continuously added to the digital twin in a traceable manner so that they are available at any time and from anywhere.

This saves significant time when carrying out maintenance or engineering activities since the often tedious search for information is eliminated.

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