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Otto Motors launches new self-driving vehicle for material handling

Otto Motors, a division of Clearpath Robotics, has launched “Otto 750”, which it claims to be “the first self-driving vehicle for material handling with a payload of 750 kg”.

Otto 750 is a mid-range self-driving vehicle designed to move pallet-scale loads which would otherwise be manually moved by a pump truck or tugger.

Otto says the 750-kg payload is important because of how factories typically transport materials. 

The three standard methods each have different maximum payloads: 100 kg for a cart pushed by a human, 750 kg for a pump truck, and 1500 kg for a forklift.

Plenty of solutions have been developed for payloads at the high and low ends of the range, but only a few existed in the middle, says Otto.

Matt Rendall, chief executive officer at Clearpath, says: “We realized it was a Goldilocks solution.

“Our customers have been asking for something just right for quite a while, and now we finally have it.”

Otto 750 is built upon the Otto 1500 chassis, which is already trusted by industry titans like GE, Katerra, and Musashi.

The vehicle uses the existing field-proven self-driving operating system, Otto OS, to quickly adapt to changes in the facility.

The vehicle responds intelligently to ensure the right material gets to the right place at the right time.

Otto 750 communicates with PLCs, SCADA systems, Manufacturing Execution Systems and more.

Otto Motors is demonstrating Otto 750 in Chicago this week at ProMat, the largest conference for manufacturing and supply chain professionals in North and South America.

Otto will be at #S3441 at the ProMAT Show.