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Epson launches new ‘ultra low cost’ robot at Automate Show

Epson Robots has launched a new “ultra-low-cost robot” at the Automate Show, which started today in Chicago, USA.

The new VT6L All-in-One 6-Axis robot is a new “entry-level” machine offering to the award-winning 6-Axis line up.

Epson says this robot is compact, easy to install and includes next-generation technology, adding that it is “ideal” for a wide range of simple applications and is offered at the “ultra-low cost of $13,900”. 

Available in June, the VT6L robot will be showcased at Automate, McCormick Convention Center, April 8-11 at Epson Robots booth #7566.

The VT6L is ideal for simple parts transfer applications such as machine-tool and injection molding load/unload, pick-and-place, dispensing and simple assembly projects.

The All-in-One design with built-in controller saves on valuable factory space while its SlimLine structure featuring a compact wrist pitch enables access to hard-to-reach areas in confined spaces.

This groundbreaking innovation opens a world of application opportunities due to its incredible price and ease of use.

Many applications that were too costly to implement with standard 6-Axis robots, will now be possible, claims Epson.

Gregg Brunnick, director of product management for Epson Robots, says: “The VT6L was created based on the highly successful T-Series All-in-One design with built-in controller.

“This innovation provides an easy-to-use 6-axis solution at ultra low cost perfect for simple applications.”

The VT6L offers easy integration tools such as vision guidance, with a reach up to 900 mm and a payload up to 6 kg.

A feature-packed performer, it includes a hollow end-of-arm design for simplified cabling and more versatile tooling.

The VT6L offers 110 V and 220 V power and installs in minutes. In addition, there is no battery required for the encoder, reducing the overall cost of ownership.

Key features of the new robot:

  • Full-featured, ultra-low cost – the same powerful features found in Epson’s high-end robots, at an incredibly affordable price; with a reach up to 900 mm and payload up to 6 kg
  • Easy to use – intuitive and feature-packed Epson RC+ development software makes it easy to create powerful solutions
  • All-in-One solution – space-saving design with built-in controller
  • SlimLine design – compact wrist pitch enables access to hard-to-reach areas in confined spaces
  • Comes standard with 110 V and 220 V power – low wattage and power consumption
  • Fast, easy integration – installs in minutes; requires less time and money for system integration
  • Integrated vision guidance option – designed specifically for robot guidance; makes it easy to automate simple applications when vision is required
  • Simplified cabling – hollow end-of-arm design makes end-of-arm tooling easier than ever
  • No battery required for encoder – minimizes downtime and reduces the overall cost of ownership
  • Application versatility – ideal for machine-tool and injection-molding load/unload, pick-and-place, dispensing and simple assembly projects