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ABB shows expanded charging portfolio at Hannover

At this year’s Hannover Messe, ABB showcased its latest future proof e-mobility solutions, with the new compact DC Wallbox and recently launched Terra 54 DC fast charger.

Designed to meet the demands of an increasingly connected and sustainable society, ABB’s DC Wallbox and Terra 54 offer an output range of up to 920V, ensuring they can support all existing 500V battery EVs, plus the next generation of high-voltage electric vehicles.

Both are part of the ABB AbilityTM portfolio of connected solutions, enabling authentication, integration with back offices and payment platforms, monitoring, remote diagnostics and repair, as well as over-the-air updates and upgrades.

Frank Muehlon, Head of ABB’s Global Business for Electric Vehicle Charging, comments: “ABB is at the forefront of developing smart and sustainable technology for the future of transportation.

“We have pioneered the creation of flexible and high quality electric charging systems which not only meet the needs of today’s electric vehicles but ensure a quality solution is already in place for the higher voltage vehicles currently under development.”

ABB’s DC Wallbox, which is now available for the German market, provides a solution for the charging of EVs at offices, dealerships and public parking places.

The compact DC wallbox benefits from a maximum current of 60A delivering 24 kW peak power directly to the vehicle’s battery, allowing for a shorter charging time than the typical on-board converters, usually rated between 3 to 7 kW.

Available with single or twin outlets, the DC Wallbox supports both CCS and CHAdeMO standards. Day to day operation is simple thanks to a seven-inch full-colour, daylight readable touchscreen display. Key functions include: starting and stopping of charge sessions, progress indication during charging, help menus, language selection, and

Meanwhile, the 50kW Terra 54 offers a market leading solution for service stations and car parks where quick charging is a must, with a typical charge time of around 30 minutes.

The DC fast charger boasts a number of new and improved features such as brighter user displays (for clearer readability in direct sunlight) with more flexible customisation options, and optional improved credit-card payment terminals for use across different countries.

Other new features on Terra 54 chargers include: better handling and more stable connector holders for all cable types; upgraded power electronics for improved reliability and long-term component availability; improved accessibility for service engineers. The chargers are also prepared for smart charging profiles and site load management.