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ABB charges Hannover Messe’s first emission-free shuttle service

Visitors to Hannover Messe 2019 have been experiencing electric transportation in action with the installation of the fair’s first sustainable hybrid electric bus service.

Running from 1 to 5 April, Hannover Messe attracts some 220,000 visitors from around the world, this year, visitors are being transported around the site on a new emission-free hybrid shuttle bus, powered by ABB’s high-power chargers.

ABB‘s High-Power 300PD OppCharge system powers a Volvo Hybrid bus shuttling guests around the world’s biggest exhibition space, which spans 26 halls and pavilions.

The bus has been provided by Göttinger Verkehrsbetriebe (GV) and forms part of a fleet organised by Üstra Hannoversche Verkehrsbetriebe AG (ÜSTRA).

This complete e-mobility solution showcases the future of environmentally-friendly transportation.

The high-power 300PD bus charger delivers 300kW of charging power and can recharge a battery in three to six minutes.

It is based on OppCharge, a concept for electric bus charging with direct current using a pantograph mounted on the infrastructure for end point charging.

This allows buses to be charged at the end of the line, without affecting the normal operation of the route.