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4th AI & Robotic Process Automation World Summit 2019

The next step on your automation journey starts here

Running from 4-7 June 2019 Düsseldorf, Germany, the AI & Robotic Process Automation World Summit will showcase automation solutions to develop high-quality AI and robotic processing.

Robotic process automation experts will come together to exchange knowledge, ideas and real-world strategies for the competitive automation industry.

Standard information management processes are no longer able to sustain the workload they are put under. 

With cognitive and robotic technologies growing together more and more, automation processes have been aiding companies in becoming more efficient, allowing staff to divert their attention to more important tasks. How will this technology shape the future of the industry?

With an agenda focused on RPA deployment and scaling, unlocking smart potential, cognitive growth, advanced automation, data readiness, and integrated automation, this conference will deepen your understanding of new robotic process automation technologies as well as give you the chance to discuss your ideas with industry leaders.

The event will address the following themes and questions, among others:

  • What advanced RPA techniques are being used to deal with unstructured data?
  • How to build an effective organisation for data & analytics and the implementation of a showcase
  • How to cut costs significantly by putting a process in place for how to prepare your data
  • Why it’s important to upscale your staff and have reinforcement training for your tech
  • Effective data organisation and how to utilise machine learning for HR purposes
  • How to implement stable automation in a continuous improvement environment

The AI & Robotic Process Automation Conference will bring together the industry’s delegates and key decision makers, all of whom have strong business reasons for attending the event to discuss the latest industry trends and challenges with real uses cases, not theory.

Join the world summit in Düsseldorf to become part of the automation shift and benefit from new innovations that can help you to enhance your customer and company satisfaction!

This expert forum will bring together major players such as UBS, NIIS Health, SaxoBank, Pfizer, Tencent, SIEMENS, BMI Group, Tespack, ING, Neste, Renault, YES Bank, Allstate, IKEA, Zurich Insurance, Bayer, and many more.

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