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Tiny modular robot arm raises almost $700,000 on crowdfunding platforms

The makers of a tiny modular robot arm have raised almost $700,000 on crowdfunding platforms including Indiegogo.

The desktop robot is designed for tasks such as drawing, writing, laser engraving, 3D printing and picking and placing items.

Hexbot Robotics, the Philadelphia-based company behind the machine, claim it has 0.05 mm precision, and are offering the top package – Luxury Kit – for under $700. 

The offer was 100 percent funded within the first five minutes, and has so far raised more than 1,600 percent of its target.

Hexbot says the robot is built “for makers and designers to bring their ideas to life”, and adds that its functional modular design is “aimed to complete any task from simply grasping, drawing to 3D printing and laser engraving”.

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The robot is offered with software and a number of modular parts which can be changed quickly and easily.