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GeekPlus-warehouse robots

Geek Plus says it has sold 7,000 warehouse robots so far

Warehouse automation company Geek Plus Robotics says it has supplied more than 7,000 units of its autonomous machines to the market so far. 

The company has seen a dramatic increase in demand for warehouse robots from sectors such as e-commerce and automotive supply chains.

Geek Plus was established in 2014 with fewer than 10 people, and now employs more than 700. 

It raised more than $150 million in funding last year and is looking to expand beyond its Asian market into Europe and America.

Moreover, it has been adding more products to its range, which now includes a driverless forklift.

It has also invested heavily in the development of artificial intelligence systems which can be integrated into all the machines, and be used to manage and monitor them.

The company is targeting sales of 10,000 units by the end of this year, and its executives have been attending trade shows in various parts of the world to promote their products.

The next big event Geek Plus will be attending is the ProMAT Show, scheduled for April 8-11, in Chicago, USA.