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Workaround, ALBIS PLASTIC und BASF optimieren smarten Handschuh mit Ultramid® Vision / Workaround, ALBIS PLASTIC and BASF optimize smart glove with Ultramid® Vision

Albis Plastic and BASF optimize Workaround smart glove for industrial applications

Albis Plastic and BASF say they have optimized a smart glove – developed by a company called Workaround – for industrial applications.

ProGlove makes scanning processes safer and more efficient
Optimized scanning capability and durability due to high light transmission and media resistance.

In close cooperation, Workaround, Albis Plastic and BASF have modified an important component of the smart glove ProGlove. 

After deep analysis, Ultramid Vision is now being used on the integrated scanning unit, allowing even simpler, quicker and safer work processes.

The ProGlove is already in everyday use by leading branded manufacturers in the automotive, logistics and chemical sectors.

The optimized version is now being presented to specialists around the world.

Ultramid Vision allows light to pass through unhindered

The semitransparent polyamide, Ultramid Vision B3K, is used as a significant component of the glove.

This semicrystalline polyamide allows light to pass through largely unhindered and impresses with its high transmission rate and low light scatter.

After injection molding, metallic contacts are pressed into the polyamide and connected to the internal electronics.

Due to the inherent toughness of Ultramid Vision, this process can be executed without risk of stress whitening or even failure.

In addition, Ultramid Vision allows a clear view of the status LEDs in the display area.

As a result, workers have both hands free and do not have to interrupt their workflow.

Rainer Xalter, product developer in the performance materials division at BASF, says: “Last year, we brought Ultramid Vision to market, the world’s first partially crystalline polyamide for semitransparent to transparent components.

“Thanks to its excellent media resistance and temperature stability as well as its good scratch resistance, this outstanding material is suitable for use in demanding environments.”

When used in factories and warehouses, where contact with aggressive fluids and hot surfaces can occur, the requirements for the housing material are particularly high.

In such environments, the area of view for the laser scanner must work perfectly and must not be damaged by external influences.

Thomas Kirchner, CEO and founder of Workaround, says: “The ProGlove smart glove is exposed to harsh conditions of use in industry.

“The part of the scanner which was previously manufactured from amorphous plastic didn’t always meet our requirements for this specific area of application.”

High media resistance offers a wide range of applications

Benjamin Schindler, who assisted with the project at Albis, says: “The requirements were appropriate resistance to chemicals and high translucence to ensure that workers can see the signals from the internally fitted LEDs.

“Polyamide proved to be suitable for this application right from the outset. Thanks to its outstanding properties, using the new Ultramid Vision was, therefore, an obvious choice.”

In addition to the uncolored base grade Ultramid Vision B3K UN, BASF is able to offer special product specifications.

Depending on customer requirements, different levels of light diffusion and various colors can be adjusted.

Ultramid Vision can be used especially for parts which require visual inspection.

Whether in the automotive, construction or consumer goods industry or as a design element for bright color effects – Ultramid Vision leaves scope for a variety of design options.