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geek plus automated forklift

Geek Plus Robotics to partner with leading Chinese automaker and supply its driverless forklift

Geek Plus Robotics is to partner with automaker FAW, and supply its new autonomous forklift to the company.

FAW is one of the “Big Four” automakers in China, along with SAIC Motor, Dongfeng, and Chang’an.

Geek Plus says it has been contracted to “empower FAW Group’s intelligent innovation reformation by offering a full-process automatic in-plant logistics solution”. 

The logistics industry is undergoing profound changes in the era of intelligence, also has been forced to improve efficiency by customer demand, enterprise transformation, and social development.

To catch up with the trend, FAW Group, a state-owned automobile enterprise with a yearly output of 3 million vehicles, has built up a research center for intelligent logistics technologies.

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It combines the development trend of global logistics technology to provide application scenarios and experimental sites for new technologies.

Artificial intelligence and robotic solutions provider Geek Plus will join in the FAW Logistics Lab.

Its autonomous forklift has been applied in the automatic logistics system of FAW Changchun headquarters factory.

Two units are operating in high-rise warehouse for heavy-load auto parts, autonomous storage and retrieval, material handling, mechanical arm collaboration, and conveyor line integration.

Geek Plus says work efficiency has been “greatly improved” by implementing automated forklift in the factory, as well as less labor density, operation accuracy and reducing the risks.

Controlled by the Robot Management System, the Geek Plus autonomous forklift is capable of collaborating with multiple robots and other industrial equipment.

Moreover, Geek+ RMS can be seamlessly interfaced with FAW warehousing information management system and manufacturing execution system.

After receiving the task of storage or retrieval, the intelligent forklift will be interfaced with the mechanical arm and high-rise warehouse automatically to realize an unmanned warehousing operation.

The logistics automation system in FAW Changchun has realized technology innovation and model optimization by adopting an integration model for storage and picking. The application of multi-layer RGV can realize dense storage by processing small auto parts picking in a special bin.

Meanwhile, the Geek Plus forklift will complete autonomous storage and retrieval.

Throughout this year, FAW will continue the full-process automatic logistics system project for other main factories.

It will build smart warehouses of auto-parts which is based on IoT technology, and promote the unmanned product line powered by RFID technology.

Additionally, FAW is planning to integrate the robotic automated storage and retrieval system and its goods-to-robot solution.

Geek Plus says it will establish long-term and in-depth cooperation with FAW logistics.

By providing a flexible robotic solution and helping FAW on the modification and application of unmanned product lines, Geek Plus plans to create a benchmark of innovative automotive manufacturing factory.