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ExxonMobil offering $60,000 prize money for robotics innovations

Energy giant ExxonMobil is offering $60,000 prize money as part of its first-ever robotics and automation innovation competition.

Organized by BBL Ventures, the “Reverse Robotics Pitch Challenge for ExxonMobil” is open now and is inviting innovation in a number of areas.

BBL Ventures, a technological innovation company specializing in the natural resources industry, there are “pain points and technology gaps” for which there are many opportunities to build solutions, provide funding, and aid in scaling new companies. 

Patrick Lewis, managing partner, says: “BBL Ventures is excited to be working with a forward-thinking partner like ExxonMobil, engaging the external innovation ecosystem is a key step in advancing the energy industry’s continued success.”

The Robotics Reverse Pitch Challenge, overseen by BBL Ventures, helps leverage local and international businesses as well as educational institutions as a method to forward the progress of energy innovation.

Prospective entrepreneurs are also invited to participate.

Organizations will not only get the chance to pitch a technical solution to ExxonMobil and receive a monetary prize, but also the possibility for a commercial pilot to produce the solution.

Winning entrepreneurs or companies can also receive guidance as they formulate a business plan and test their concepts for viability.

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