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Vecna Robotics launches fifth generation Pallet Jack

Vecna Robotics (Vecna) has unveiled its latest product in fifth generation autonomous pallet handling. The new Pallet Jack will be the first self-driving vehicle to include autonomous pallet identification, lifting, and pickup.

The model also features an OEM agnostic base. The enhanced software delivers faster, smoother pickups across a broader variety of pallets and goods, including pallets with bottom boards and partial pallets.

This new technology is a further extension of Vecna’s Autonomy Stack, which is said to instil independence in all its vehicles with dynamic obstacle avoidance, topological reasoning, local decision making, high-confidence navigation, and self-learning capabilities.

The Autonomy Stack enables vehicles to learn new skills as they work through diverse levels of demands, seasonal needs, and market changes – creating a constant cycle of improvement and maximising productivity no matter the situation.

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