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Maps show charging points for electric cars on journeys across the US

One of the main reasons for the slow growth of the electric car market in the past few decades was the lack of availability of charging points.

Now, in the past year or two, not only have more automotive giants developed electric car models as serious market propositions rather than novelties, many companies have also been developing electric vehicle charging technologies and networks.

Prices of electric vehicles are still relatively high, but they will come down as demand leads to economies of scale in manufacturing. 

And there are currently three electric charging options:

  • basic home charging;
  • standard public charging; and
  • direct current fast charging.

As well as the technology itself being developed, services around the ecosystem are also being started.

For example, Car Rentals has published a guide to several cross-country road trips in the US, mapped out specifically for electric vehicles. (See main image.)

From Los Angeles to New York, these maps highlight important anchor stops along the way complete with charging stations and tourist attractions for each route.

The map-makers have also added the different types of charging stations, DC charging probably being the most in-demand since it can fully charge cars within minutes.

These maps do not include all of the public charging stations in the US, but they do provide an interesting route across the country, should you wish to take an old-fashioned road trip, without the engine noise and pollution.