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Geek Plus Robotics to launch new products at Asian logistics event

Geek Plus Robotics is planning to launch new warehouse automation products at Last Mile Fulfilment Asia 2019.

Geek Plus says it will demonstrate a moving system, M100, and the upgrade version of picking system, P800, at Last Mile Fulfilment Asia in Singapore on 27 and 28 March 19.

The payload of the P800 is 1,000 kg and three times faster to achieve high-speed-auto-fulfilment process. 

By broadening the robots’ adaptability to temperature threshold, P800 can maintain stable operation from -20ºC to 60ºC to adjust well to extreme temperature conditions.

M100 is the other featured moving system of Geek+ Robotics. It leverages advanced SLAM laser navigation method to identify factory’s environment and schedule the route independently.

With this technology, QR code would no longer be required and the robots are able to avoid and bypass the obstacle automatically in a flexible and smooth way.

Geek Plus says its compatibility with cage trolley traction, conveyor roller, lifting and human-machine interaction make Geek Moving System a “perfect match” in various scenarios of manufacturing such as raw-materials receiving and transfer, picking, loading and production line interface, especially suitable for consumer electronics and automotive manufacturing.

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