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Vision Factory receives UR+ software certification

Universal Robots (UR) has launched Robotic Vision Technologies Inc.’s (RVT) Vision Factory (VF) software suite for promotion on its UR+ certified third-party solutions catalogue.

This marks a major step in the adoption of Vision Factory into the collaborative robot ecosystem and the beginning of a Robot-as-a-Service model for the company.

The addition of Vision Factory to UR+’s catalogue brings 3D vision to a significant user base for the first time.

With UR’s reach and credibility in the industry, the message that 3D vision guidance can in fact be easy and affordable finally shows promise of being heard by small and medium enterprises with less knowledge of and access to potential solutions.

The UR+ program is the cornerstone of UR’s strategy to create an all-inclusive collaborative robot ecosystem. UR aims to provide one place for customers to access any robotic solution they need by empowering end users to source and establish their own components.

Similarly, RVT designed Vision Factory to be easily used, updated, and maintained by end users thus removing the expensive programmers required by many integrators.

UR, recognising that RVT’s Vision Factory is a great fit for their target demographic, was pleased to recommend VF to users on its website.

RVT has a strong history of cooperation with the world’s largest collaborative robot maker by market share. RVT partnered with UR to demonstrate Vision Factory guiding a UR5 at the Automation Technology Expo (ATX) in New York City in June of 2017.

That same year, RVT also became a Certified Systems Integrator in which UR certified RVT to provide installation and support expertise to collaborative robot cells.

Vision Factory’s presence on the UR+ store is initially being launched in North America and China, where RVT has its strongest integration and distribution relationships.

As RVT expands its reach globally, UR will begin recommending VF to an increasingly global user base.