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Integra Biosciences launches new pipetting robot for labs

Integra Biosciences has launched a new pipetting robot – called Assist Plus – for application in laboratories.

The company says that today’s scientists “want to do more than just straightforward pipetting tasks in microplates”, so it has taken a fresh approach.

In order to innovate, the company asked laboratories about the specific challenges they face, and how these could be overcome by enhanced liquid handling products. 

And the feedback was unanimous, says Integra.

“Researchers want a pipetting robot that is easy to use, even for novices,” says the company. “The system must also accommodate various types of labware, providing the flexibility scientists need to take the strain out of their routine pipetting tasks.”

Integra came up with the Assist Plus pipetting robot, offering streamlined, cost-effective pipetting workflows to suit most budgets.

Assist Plus can be programmed either directly on the pipette or remotely from a PC, and includes the latest ViaLab software for the straightforward set-up of more complex workflows.

It has three deck positions to accommodate reagents, tubes and samples, and is compatible with numerous labware types and any of Integra’s electronic multichannel pipettes, including the Voyager adjustable tip spacing pipette.

This “unique feature” offers built-in longevity – simply swap in a different Integra pipette to access new applications – and will provide reliable, reproducible and error-free pipetting for many years to come.