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Weland launches warehouse automation solution

Swedish supply chain technology company Weland Solutions has launched a new automated goods-to-person warehouse system which marks the company’s shift of emphasis towards automation technology.

Even before officially launching the new product, Compact Dynamic, Weland received a first signed purchase order.

In the summer of 2019, the facility will be operational at Axelent based in Hillerstorp, with customers worldwide. 

Björn Karlsson, from Weland Solutions, says: “The market is moving towards standardized fully automated solutions, making setting focus on automation a natural step for us.

“Compact Dynamic is our first fully automated goods to man solution, which will respond to the demands of the industry and the rest of the world for efficiency and faster delivery times.”

weland solutions compact dynamic

Weland says it is investing in fully automated solutions that “speak the same language as robotic systems”.

Five years ago, the company was a supplier of standard products. Since then, it has increased the supply of its customized solutions by 20 percent per year.

What happens now is that those solutions are being standardized. Weland has been a long-time major supplier to Siemens, Atlas Copco, Rolls Royce, Jaguar Land Rover who work with fully automated robotic solutions and want to integrate vertical storage lifts into their complete solution.

“Automation as a business area is growing and naturally gets more focus for us,” says the company in a statement. “Today we are an international company and supplier of fully automated solutions.”

Compact Dynamic is described as “a brand new fully automatic goods to man solution”, and is the result of one year’s intensive work at Weland Solutions.

The big difference with Compact Dynamic compared to the company’s vertical storage lifts is that it goes from semi-automation to full automation.

The goods to man solution means that the product comes to you instead of you going to a storage lift and getting the product. Robotic solutions deliver faster and smarter than a human by far, says the company.

The big gains are efficiency, picking speed and space saving. These benefit companies in, for example, e-commerce.

“This is a gigantic market with great potential for us,” says the company. “E-commerce is increasing in leaps and bounds, and consumer demands for faster deliveries are also increasing every day.”

This requires fully automated solutions, where Compact Dynamic fits in. The unique advantages of Compact Dynamic, according to Weland, is that its height, width, and depth can be adapted to best fit the customer’s premises.

The storage locations are also flexible. Weland also has “very high availability for all storage locations, which is unique for goods to man solutions”.

In the summer of 2019, the first delivery of Compact Dynamic will take place at Axelent in Hillerstorp.

The company, which has 56 sales offices worldwide, develops, produces, stores and packs safety components for machinery, construction, storage and cable trays.

The solution for Axelent has about 30,000 storage locations.

Karlsson says: “Axelent offers security, speed and smart solutions for the industry. We are very pleased that Compact Dynamic will be implemented in the highest division in a large international company such as Axelent.”