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BP partners with mobility technology accelerator Startup Autobahn

BP has become the latest corporate partner to join Startup Autobahn, the global mobility technology accelerator founded by Daimler, Plug And Play, the University of Stuttgart and Arena2036.

Startup Autobahn identifies startup ventures from around the world that have innovative technologies and business models, with a particular focus on developments in mobility.

It connects them with its corporate partners to facilitate collaboration and accelerate the development of products, services and ways of working that could advance mobility.

Roy Williamson, vice president, BP advanced mobility, said: “Working with startups and other industry-leading companies, BP is seeking to fuel cross-industry innovation and explore and accelerate the development of new advanced mobility technologies and business models.”

Through its advanced mobility unit, BP is exploring how changes in fleets, last-mile logistics, electrification and on-demand mobility may shape future transportation.

“To create an effective ecosystem centred on open innovation, we rely on strong and strategic partners. That’s why we are very proud of having BP’s advanced mobility unit join our STARTUP AUTOBAHN program,” says David Neef, Partnership Director of Plug And Play.