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Yanu raises $1 million for its robotic bartender

Startup company Yanu has raised $1 million in funding for its artificial intelligence-powered robotic bartender. 

This is the company’s second seed investment round.

Yanu says the robot bartender will appeal to anyone who has ever waited at the bar more than a few minutes for a drink. 

People have probably fantasized about the idea of a robot whizzing around, whipping up cocktails, and cashing out customers within seconds, according to the company.

Alan Adojaan, CEO, Yanu, says: “After 15 years of opening bars and nightclubs, I realized just how much it cost to serve a high volume of patrons, and just how many scheduling conflicts came along with it.

“Between bartenders calling in sick and alternating schedules, it was a full-time job just keeping a bar stocked and staffed. We built Yanu to serve 100 drinks per hour, keep costs low, and offer up personality with each drink.

“Yanu also uses cloud-based AI chatbot technology and takes up less space than any other robotic bartender.

“Created to freely communicate with humans, Yanu is maintainable and relocatable – not to mention stunning to look at.”